Giving Back to the Community

The Cleanslate daily crew consists of a team of 4-5 personnel and 1 supervisor.  Cleanslate is a social enterprise through the Cara Program which is a job-training placement program that helps Chicagoans affected by homelessness and poverty transform their lives and find permanent, lasting success.  Cleanslate has transitioned over 700 individuals into permanent employment with companies such as Walgreens, SCR Medical Transportation and University of Chicago Medical Center.  This program is a “fiscal stimulus” for the communities.  In 2013 the total community reinvestment was $1,344,506 through the Cleanslate Program.

Public Way Maintenance Activities and Guidelines:

1. On a weekly work schedule of 5-7 days per week the contractor will remove debris and trash along curbs and sidewalks in the “boundaries”.

2. Remove debris and trash from vacant lots, tree grates, and fence lines at least 125 feet into every block.

3. Collect all recyclables (bottles and cans).

4. Conduct monitoring of city trash receptacles Reporting to the 5th ward Aldermen and Ward Superintendent office.

5. Empty and maintain all SSA customized trash receptacles.

6. Furnish uniforms and provide all appropriate equipment to all employees servicing the area.

7. Wear identifiable uniforms when on duty.

8. Ensure that supervisor on duty communicates with the Program Manager.

9. Provide monthly reports.

Cleanslate Litter Abatement Services SSA #42

Before and After Cleaning

71st Street at Jeffery




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