71st Street Flowers SSA#42 is issuing this RFP to secure a contractor for the provision of Landscaping Activities for the SSA#42 boundary area henceforth known as the “boundaries” which are Stony Island Ave. (67th St.-79th St. on the west side of Stony Island, from 67th St. to 73rd St. on the eastside of Stony Island and also including north and south sides of 71st street from Kimbark Ave to South Shore Drive/Exchange /Yates Ave. including up to alley on major intersections).

Landscaping Activities and Guidelines:

1. The contractor will conduct a minimum of two spraying of weeds and grass on the public walkway. The first spray shall take place no later than June 15th, subsequent sprays as needed with the final spray no later than August 15th. The spray is to be an environmental friendly herbicide, which is to be applied during the active growing period. After the initial spraying and the weeds have died, the contractor will clean out all debris. All large weeds/bushes not responding to the herbicide are to be cut down. Subsequent spraying will occur to maintain/control weed and grass growth in the public walkway.

2. The contractor will install plants in the hanging baskets along 71st St. 1st installation shall be no later than June 15th, and the second installation shall be no later than November 15th.

3. The Contractor shall maintain planted trees, baskets, flowers on sidewalks and corners.

4. The contractor will remove debris from planters and water plants.

5. The contractor will remove debris and weeds from tree grates.

6. Maintain garden beds, including any Streetscape gardens and tree grates, which will include litter removal and light landscaping (weeding, pruning, etc.)

7. Contractor will provide South Shore Chamber two reports that will be reviewed and filed by the Program Manager

8. Contractor will begin landscaping services in May and complete them in November.

Landscaping Evaluation, Reports, and Conflict Resolution Procedures:

1. SSA #42 Program Manager will inspect sidewalks, and planters on a weekly basis.

2. SSA #42 Program Manager will document incidents of weed growth, and/or poor maintenance of planters.

3. In the event of any discrepancy, the Service provider will first give a verbal warning of first incident of poor performance, written warning of second incident, and third incident may cause contract review and possible termination.

4. Contractor will provide SSA #42 Program Manager with bi-weekly reports that will be reviewed and filed by the Program Manager

5. Contractor will be subject to quarterly evaluations by SSA #42 Program Manager

Download RFP 2020 Landscaping SSA 42