Proposals are requested for SIX different vendor types to provide service to SSA #42.

Proposals for the 2021 contract period are due on October 30th.  View and download the RFP's




Congratulations 10 TIDES Grant Winners!

A.L. Taylor - 1807 E. 71st Street

Chez Vous - 1931 E. 71st Street

Cut it Out Curt - 1741 E. 71st Street

D.Angelo's Pawners & Jewelers - 6920 S. Stony Island Avenue

Guyse Salon of Beauty - 2309 E. 71st Street

Oh Behave Studios, Inc - 6949 S. Stony Island Ave

Stony Island Dental Works - 2235 E. 71st Street

The Scentuary - 2154 E. 71st Street

Wilson Communications - 2052 E. 71st Street


Feeding South Shore program ends and is dubbed a SUCCESS!





What is a Special Service Area

Special Service Areas are localized tax districts that fund expanded services and programs through a localized property tax levy within a contiguous area. The enhanced services are in addition to those currently provided through the city.

The South Shore Chamber of Commerce is the service provider of SSA #42 which was established in 2006.